Remote Diagnostic Support

Encore Automation has taken special care not only to build into its provided systems the ability for remote access, but also to provide the electronic resources to enable our skilled technical service and engineering support teams that allows them the ability to look into our provided system, and identify the problem, either fix it remotely, or alert the customerʼs technical support person of what to do to further investigate and correct the problem. This is a tremendous benefit to our customers for the following reasons:

  1. The support we can provide is IMMEDIATE. There is no delay in traveling to the particular manufacturing plant, which can take hours or even days depending on the location and flight availability.
  2. It means that we can often make instantly available the MOST TECHNICALLY COMPETENT AND EXPERIENCED PERSON to help provide the support required to quickly investigate and solve the problem. This often may involve the actual person who designed, engineered, or programmed the system.
  3. If parts are needed to fix the system, and they are not available at the manufacturing plant, then Encore can more quickly identify them and obtain them either from our inventory or from local suppliers who maintain 24 hour access.
  4. The remote access support can be safely provided, since Encore Automation has networking experts who can advise of technically safe ways to provide that access (without risk of unauthorized access). As a further precaution, our customers can elect to only allow that access when a problem is identified.
  5. Encore Automation retains copies of the system drawings, software, and documentation on itʼs own storage systems, and can make them instantly available to the customer, or download them to their manufacturing system directly.