Encore’s Vision Guided Robot Technology allows for very quick, very accurate determination of part and feature location.  Encore typically carries the laser or camera sensors on the end of a robot (often the same robot performing the application), so as to provide flexibility in allowing many appropriate measurements needed to provide superior process advantages.  The speed of the measurement and the rapidity of the calculated results allow these readings to be measured and used without significantly reducing the cycle time available for the application.  This speed, coupled with Encore’s knowledge of robotic controllers and fast interfaces and computational methods and approaches, often allows for dynamic adjustment of robot motion, which provides some very important improvements in process quality.

Dispensing, Painting and Material Handling with Vision-Guided Robot Technology

The Vision Guided Robot Technology, as applied to automated dispensing systems, is used to provide the following key enablers of dispensing, painting, material handling and other processes.

· Correction for variation in part location and in part dimensional tolerances or other feature

· Correction for variation in seam location on the part

· Correction for variable location of moveable portions of the part such as doors and hoods

· Correction for variable location of injection hole and check for proper hole dimension

· In advanced applications: quality checks of the dispensed bead dimensions and proof of foam injection or material dispensed

Typical applications of this technology are shown in the photos:

 Sealing Roof Ditch:  Application requires highly accurate bead location in relation to varying feature location, sealer can be applied only where you want it, eliminating brushing and masking, and is able to do Cosmetic Applications.

Laser-Guided Sealer RobotEncore Automation

With a superior vision system, we are able to propose new alternatives for sealing, LASD, PUR Foam, and Hem Flange sealing applications. The Vision Guided Robotic Technology can adapt to a variation of part and/or part feature location, and there is capability to adapt the robot motion dynamically to accommodate changing process and/or part conditions.  Encore’s technology allows customer savings on parts positioning, tooling, and cycle time, in addition to providing better accuracy and a higher quality.

“When you absolutely positively need the right amount of material in the right place.”

“Correction for part location can significantly reduce part fixturing costs.”

“Correction for feature location can significantly reduce dispensed material costs.”

“Inspecting as you dispense can significantly reduce scrap, secondary inspection, and other costs of quality.”

Bead Verification

Bead Verification

Laser-Guided Robot for PURfoam

Laser-Guided Sealer Robot

Simluation of Robotic PURFoam Injection