Our Automation group has installed and integrated over 700 robot and 30 bell stations in various paint, powder, sealing, and material handling applications, for a wide variety of customers. Our expertise allows for complete process verification and monitoring to meet our customer’s needs.

A wealth of experience……

· Paint Application Equipment suppliers including all major brands

· Paint Robot and/or Paint Machine Suppliers, including all major brands

Encore has System Knowledge and Experience to optimally specify, configure, layout, simulate, engineer and design, assemble and test, install, commission, process tune, provide training and service on  systems for the above applications and materials for using many of the above equipment options.

Encore has developed standardized system products. that reduce the cost, risk, and timeframe of custom engineering for most systems.  These products include tooling, hose and cable assemblies, control hardware and software modules of various types, etc. that can be used and/or tailored for a variety of systems

 Our approach of using standardized components, interfaces, and software, allows pre-paint cleaning, paint machine, and robot systems on the paint line to have similar operation, are easier to troubleshoot and maintain, and use many common parts.

Encore Automation’s knowledge and experience base allows it to approach many projects and services from a strong foundation.  The knowledge and experience basis:

· Paint Application Materials including Solventborne and Waterborne Primer, Basecoat and Clearcoat, Multiple Component Paints, Single and Multicolor Powder Paints

· Paint Application Approaches including Electrostatic Gun or Electrostatic Rotary Atomizer, Direct Charge Waterborne Applicators, Air Atomized Guns

Powder and Liquid Paint Application Systems

Powder Technology

Encore is fortunate to have on our staff some of the world’s leading experts on powder distribution and application in automotive.  We can design and provide automotive quality distribution, collection, and mixing systems, in dilute or dense phase.  Our dense phase technology has eliminated most of the defect generating elements.  Powder application is also a specialty of ours, and our people have experience in developing and providing automotive topcoat capable systems and application processes.

Encore AutomationIndirect Charge Waterborne Side Bell Machine

Our know-how and experience extends from designing and integrating systems for powder paint delivery and collection,  to powder or liquid application, for the wide variety of application processes used in automotive and industrial painting  We have experience integrating and or retrofitting systems with machines and/or robots, using a variety of types and brands of paint application components and systems. 

Indirect Charge Waterborne Side Bell Machine

Full Robotic Paint Line Design, Installation, Programming, and Support

Full Robotic Paint Line Design, Installation, Programming, and Support

Basecoat Powder Application Using True Dense-Phase Powder Distribution

Basecoat Powder Application Using True Dense-Phase Powder Distribution