Typical Applications

 Encore’s Laser Guided Robot Technology allows for very quick, very accurate determination of part and feature location.  Encore typically carries the laser sensors on the end of a robot (often the same robot performing the application), so as to provide flexibility in allowing many appropriate measurements needed to provide superior process advantages.  The speed of the measurement and the rapidity of the calculated results allows these readings to be measured and used without significantly reducing the cycle time available for the application.  This speed, coupled with Encore’s knowledge of robotic controllers and fast interfaces and computational methods and approaches, often allows for dynamic adjustment of robot motion, which provides some very important improvements in process quality.

Material Handling with Laser Guided Robotic Technology

The Laser Guided Robot Technology as applied to Material Handling is used to provide the following key enablers of good material handling applications:

· Quick accurate measurement of part or part feature profiles, dimensions and locations

· Correction for part location or dimensional tolerance variation

· Ability to adjust for fixture tolerance variation

This technology allows for reduced cost systems in the following ways:

· Reduced need for expensive and complicated fixtures, grippers, and clamps

· Reduced need for less flexible expensive “hard automation” type specialized machines for transfer of parts

· Robots can be used for both material handling and process applications

Laser-Guided Roof Panel InsertionEncore Automation

Encore’s laser guided robot technology allows parts to be located and picked up and moved into and out of racks and/or belts without expensive fixtures or expensive and complicated robot end of arm tooling.  This provides flexibility in providing cost effective and higher performance systems than previous vision and fixturing technologies.

Laser-Guided Roof Panel Insertion