Feather Roll Replacement

Encore Automation has taken on the continuing operations of Rotech Feathers. Encore will be manufacturing and supplying feather rolls to Rotech’s former customers and others. Encore will be a global supplier of feathers for all Tack-Off Machines (Existing and New). This arrangement was made in order to continue to meet all of your feather duster needs and to ensure quality through Encore’s responsive and reliable service department.

Feathers: The effectiveness of the Feather Duster cleaning process depends on replacing feathers before they wear out. Replacement frequency is determined by the parts processed and the feather crush maintained between the feather roll and the vehicle body. The most common feather crush is one to two inches and Encore recommends three-month replacement intervals for facilities running two-shift operations and six-month intervals for one-shift operations.

Encore feather rolls use only female African ostrich feathers. Female feathers are superior to the male feathers in durability, uniformity, rigidity, and the ability to hold a static charge. All Encore Automation supplied ostrich feathers are 100% silicone free.

Encore Automation

Encore Custom Roll Vacuum

New compared to used-up featherEncore Custom Roll Vacuum

Encore’s vacuum machine is shown to the right.  This machine matches adjustable vacuum nozzles to individual roll profiles and vacuums each roll for 60 minutes at 100 RPM prior to packing and shipping. This preparation allows the plant to immediately install and use Encore feather rolls and eliminates hours of run-in time prior to production.

The picture to the left compares a new ostrich feather to a worn feather. As the feather follicles wear off and are vacuumed away by the system, fewer contaminants are removed by the process. When feathers are worn down minimal cleaning is taking place.

New Versus Worn Feathers

Roll contour: Another critical factor in the cleaning process is the feather roll contour. Encore will use a database of all customer vehicle/feather roll profiles to ensure proper contouring. Each feather roll has a unique configuration that corresponds to the vehicle profile and contour. Accurate contouring maintains the feather crush within acceptable tolerances and optimizes feather life and cleaning efficiency.

Clean room assembly: A clean room (silicone free) environment is used for feather roll assembly. Each feather is individually selected, inspected, trimmed to length, and assembled onto the roll hub. Vacuuming feather rolls prior to shipping is essential to ensure roll cleanliness and integrity.

Encore Automation services all Tack-Off machines and we ship internationally.

Close-up of feather roll