Company Profile

Encore Automation was formed from the key members of the AEG Automation Systems (Alstom) group (1989-1999) and Haden Automation Group (1999-2006).

Encore Automation currently employs more than 30 engineers, programmers and project managers with over 20 years of proven experience in Designing, Manufacturing and Testing, Installing, Commissioning, Servicing and Training Manufacturing Systems for a broad variety of manufacturing processes.

Encore Automation is a supplier of automated manufacturing systems and services.

Our scope of supply includes full turnkey systems including: concept, design, manufacture, assembly and test, install, startup and follow-on service, training, and spare parts.

We have full engineering, project management, and technical service in-house and we provide offerings for these services up to a full turnkey system.

We have broad applications knowhow in manufacturing systems: our strongest areas are paint and powder spray application, material dispensing, vision systems, robotics and guidance, and paint finishing.

Encore Automation

Steven Becroft

President, Encore Automation

Rajesh Patel

Vice President, Encore Automation